Choosing a child behaviour specialist right for you

Child behaviour therapists can help to address learning difficulties, social issues and family problems which are the result of your child’s emotional or behavioural problems. With the number of therapists advertising online, you may have plenty of choices – but how to go about selecting the right specialist for your child’s needs?

In this blog, we run through some key factors which should be considered when choosing a child behaviour specialist:

A Child Behaviour Specialist with the Right Qualfications

In the UK, there are several organisations which award accreditation to child behaviour therapists, depending on their specialism. The Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP) represents psychoanalytic child and adolescent psychotherapists in the UK. The British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT)  focuses on relieving the needs of children suffering emotional and behavioural problems promoting play therapy. And Play Therapy UK  promotes therapeutic work with children to improve their wellbeing and alleviate behavioural problems.

Choosing a child behaviour specialist who is on an accredited register with any of the organisations mentioned above is a good way to ensure that they have the right qualifications. This can give you peace of mind that a therapist is trained to work with conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or offer children’s autism treatment.

Are they experienced working with children?

If you choose an accredited child behaviour specialist, it seems likely that they will possess a significant degree of experience working with children. Nevertheless, it is your right to question their prior experience, and this can be done via a referral or personal meeting.

Are they professional and friendly?

You should meet your child therapist for a single session in order to get to know them. This will give you the opportunity to assess their professionalism, as well as their personality. Never be afraid to ask questions which can help you to make up your mind. A single session can help you to see their manner towards you and your child.

Ask for referrals

If you are a member of a support group, or have friends or family with children who have also undergone behavioural therapy such as autism treatment, you may want to ask them for a referral. Testimonials should not be the only factor considered, but they can help you to build a more accurate picture of a child behaviour specialist’s service.

Which types of therapy do they offer?

Each child behaviour specialist may offer different types of therapy within their own specialisms. These professionals will be able to diagnose and treat a range of mental disorders which may be affecting your child. They may focus on counselling methods, helping your child to develop ways of using their strengths to cope better with issues. They might offer this type of counselling to you and your family as well. Therapists can specialise in treating cognitive, dialectical or psychodynamic behaviours.

Whether you are considering the best type of therapy for your child, or have already tried one or more therapy types, and are interested in others – after an initial consultation, an accredited child behaviour specialist should be able to put together a suggested therapy plan for your child.

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